They want proof that this is really, really going to work. Platon is responsible for some of the most iconic photographic images of this generation.

Abstract: The Art of Design

Design is still all too often defined by a small coterie of designers—the majority of whom work in the US or Europe. The series offers scant new information, save from the thrill of seeing their idols lionized on film. They come from all over but share some crucial commonalities. Bjarke Ingels' architecture appears in skylines all over the world.


The show promises to give us an insight into eight of the most imaginative minds working in the world of design. His firm is based in New York and Copenhagen, and works on projects all over the world.

Is this a serious documentary? Restrained, polished, pretty—so many of them look like a moving version of a coffee table book. The building is an aggressively geometric, almost pyramid-shaped, residential block.

Slowly it coalesces.

But as you learn in his episode of Abstract, great photography, like all great art, is much more than what you see image to image. But these folks aren't designing in a vacuum, or just for the elite.

Heroes’ stories with ruptures

Director Brain Oakes captures a sense of the mechanical and physical accomplishments behind such feats; from Pinter to Beyonce, the variety of work alone is enough to keep you hooked. But where I do have an interest is if I can leverage peoples' interest in me as a storyteller to get other work out there," Platon explains.

The passion and drive from all the individuals featured was extraordinary - they all had impressive portfolios of work and in sharing their work it felt like I was going on a very personal journey with them totally teared up when the shoe designer and the car designer were sharing some deep stories.

Pete Forester Pete Forester has been a contributor to Esquire since Most of it is clean, minimal, and boring as hell. Design is alive and describes relationships between humans—describes all of our relationships with the world.

It starts with the title.

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Get the week's best photography, illustration, design and art news delivered directly to your inbox Thanks, you're subscribed! And to equate design with art is lazy, and promotes an outdated myth.

They want proof that this is really, really going to work. It's almost minimalist, but that is, in and of itself, meticulously designed. Feb 10, Netflix Good design is invisible. Same case studies, same jokes, same witticisms, and in some cases, even the same illustrations.

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Is it commercial art? Graduate thesis defense almost nothing between the subject and the camera. The result of that exploration is a new Netflix series that launches today. The result is an attractive guide to everyday objects that we might have taken for granted.

Instead of a story of lines and colors, our world can become a story of human thought, ingenuity, and progress made step by step, design by design, successes built on top of authentic failures. It starts with the title. They had to be practicing designers, really at the peak of their careers that they've achieved great things, but are still actively working and assignment essays coursework Dadich explains.

Same case studies, same jokes, same witticisms, and in some cases, even the same illustrations. I certainly have learnt lots about the world of design! By glossing over moments of friction, the series misses the chance to educate the public about the gnarly process of design—and earn our undivided attention.

Neville does well to draw methodology dissertation interview comments out from his subject, partly due to his shy persona and partly queen elizabeth 2 homework help to the intricacies of these mental workings.

Ilse Crawford, Interior Designer London-based designer Ilse Assignment essays coursework is the founder of Studioilsewhere she designs residential and commercial spaces with an eye for comfort and practicality.

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If Netflix has opened a window into a newly designed human behavior, it's the ability to binge watch TV shows, a behavior that some say has changed the way we'll interact with serial stories forever. The jury is still out on that, but we do know it's fun.

Is this a serious documentary? We don't have to know the plot of a good movie poster; we understand the story from the image. Belonging creative writing questions the last two years, Scott Dadich and his producing partners, Morgan Neville and Dave O'Connor, have ventured into the world of design to figure out how designers work.

Blind hero worship is dangerous for any industry—especially for such a consequential profession like design.

Designers, in fact, are obsessed with the concrete: specs, measurements, can you prove a null hypothesis true and deadlines and countless details. Platon "I have no interest in me in front of the camera; I have no interest at all.

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Paula Scher, Graphic Designer A partner at London design giant Pentagram sincePaula Scher has been at the forefront of graphic design for years. And to equate design with art is lazy, and promotes an outdated myth. Perhaps this explains why most of plot lines broached by Abstract feel so familiar.

Design, especially when contextualized by history, politics, and science, is thrilling in itself. Studioilse also does product design, for example putting out a line of beautiful yet simple furniture with Ikea. The appearance of Michael Jordan to chat about his relationship with Nike has some candid intrigue, but that appeal eventually wears off.

Crawford has also published several books, one with Rizzoli. In the first episode, the prodigious German illustrator Christoph Niemann enters a white visual field and interacts with his drawing, as if in an Apple commercial.

The series turns the art direction up to 11 right from its opening credits — opening credits that, rather neatly, vary to match each designer. We don't need a biography presented alongside a portrait; the subject's application letter for a job as a registered nurse is distilled in the frame.

They've crafted some blockbuster images, not least of which included a raid to Moscow involving highly choreographed misinformation and digital espionage to get the first photograph of Edward Snowden after he absconded to Russia. We're not meant to.

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  • We're meant to feel it instead.

It felt more like I was sitting down with a cup of tea having a chat with all 8 designers rather than watching a documentary! Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. The fact that Devlin is an engaging, open presence is a bonus.

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In some ways that process might take the magic out of the highly designed work we normally consume, but Dadich is betting against that. It's that process that Abstract reveals to us, a process we usually never get to see.