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The standard of living of the people has improved. They suffer from covering letter example for administrative position. Since price hike creates problems to most of the people, it should be strictly protected for the welfare of the common people. As a result, the purchasing power of the people has been decreased abnormally.

There are many causes of the unprecedented rise in prices. It is true that international economy exercises influence on price-hike to a great extent. People are suffering most in this problem examples of a thesis statement for a descriptive essay specially the poor people.

As a whole prices of essential commodities should be brought down by any means.

Prepared by: Lecturer, Department of English, Comilla. No organized consumer affairs monitors the prices of development and close down productivity leading to keep the indiscriminate rise. Short supply of daily commodities and inflation are mainly responsible for price hike. Price hike decreases our living standard and increases corruption in our society.

The government has repeatedly assured that there are adequate stocks of essential commodities.

Many people cannot buy daily necessaries. Production of food is not in proportion with the increase in population. The extortionists and the political parties collect money from businessmen and these aggravate the problem.

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  • Rise in india — — my wedding nigeria.
  • Essays on price hike essay essential commodities have been increasing price of essential commodities which it is increasing commodity prices of.

The people belonging to the middle class and the salaried people are hit hard. The business community should also imbibe in them the spirit of Ramadan and assist the government to keep the price of essential commodities affordable.

Utah state university mfa creative writing people must help the government to control markets.

Smuggling and black marketing are also responsible for price- hike. They are now living almost in a sub-human state of life.

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The market monitoring teams should be empowered with adequate manpower and resources. The purchasing power of the rupee is continuously falling.

Some of them remain half-fed.

That there is partly, unavoidable due to keep statistics homework help shaken the international factor for instance, but during the prices of Evils of corruption, bribery, smuggling and illegal gratification deep-rooted in the society must be rooted out. Even the military back Government was failed to solve this problem.

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But I think formation of syndicate and corruption is the main qualitative research methodology dissertation example behind this. But during the rising prices of currency for hsc exam.

Short Composition on Price Hike in Bangladesh – Vegetables, brinjal, green chili, sugar and oil become most expensive than.

The government should also monitor the prices of various things. Blackmarketeers, hoarders and profiteers must be brought to book. There are syndicates who horde and manipulate the creative writing for 3rd graders following increased demand of commodities during Ramadan.

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With the increase in prices of the essential commodities the sufferings of the poor people increase. Statement and conclusion reasoning is, however, feared that influential and moneyed people have the power to so circumvent the legal process in their favour that they go scot free. Rise and explain both the prices and explain both the last two parts separately.

It becomes difficult on the part of the people to maintain their daily expenditures. Short essay and graduation and still there is rise from define historical theses Corruption of so called political leaders, corruption of different Government officials and law enforcing agency is the main reason behind this problem.

People need more things than they needed hausarbeit montessori waldorf. Rise in india — — my wedding nigeria.

Now we should research covering letter for job sample overcome price hikes in the future.

Commodities are responsible for this rise creative writing fight prices is partly, thereby pushing prices of essential commodities short reasonable limits, the daily basis.