Be careful with tenses.


Plasma processing of materials is also a critical technology in the aerospace, automotive, steel, biomedical, and toxic waste management industries. If you have new information to present, add it to the discussion or other appropriate section of the paper.

Resist the urge to apologize If you've immersed yourself in studying the research problem, you presumably should know a good deal about it, perhaps even more than your professor!

In Chapter 2the panel categorizes different kinds of plasmas and focuses on properties of man-made low-energy, highly collisional plasmas that are particularly useful in materials processing applications. When preparing this section, remember that in making your recommendations, you must show how your results support them.

There are generally three sections in the Conclusions and Recommendations Chapter

You restate your thesis and summarize your main points of evidence for the reader. University of North Carolina; Kretchmer, Paul. Thesis introductions examples 3: Recommendations for Further Research In this section, you finally have the opportunity to present and discuss the actions that future researchers should take as a result of your Project.

Make sure, however, that your conclusion is not simply a repetitive summary of the findings. This is due, in part, to the fact that reactor design is intimately intertwined with the materials process for which it will be used.

The dearth of basic data needed for simulation of plasma generation, transport, and surface reaction processes results directly from insufficient generation of data, insufficient data compilation, insufficient distribution of data, and insufficient funding of these activities.

Writing the Discussion and Recommendations Chapter of Your Dissertation

End your research paper worries in less than 5 Minutes! This is the hardest part to write because committees may challenge the interpretation of the data in the Defense. Applications of plasma-based systems used to process materials are diverse because of the broad range of plasma conditions, geometries, and excitation methods that may be used.

For surface processes, studies using well-controlled reactive beams impinging on well-characterized surfaces are essential for enhancing our understanding and developing mechanistic models.

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Highlighting the need for further research provides the reader with evidence that you have an in-depth awareness of the research problem. In the interest of the U. A program should be supported that focuses on development of new instrumentation for real-time, in situ monitoring for control and analysis. Finding and Conclusion: The demand for technology development is outstripping scientific understanding of many low-energy plasma processes.

How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper (with Pictures)

Government Printing Office, Washington, D. Strategies for writing concisely can be found here. For thesis writing service provider, graduate programs thesis statement for oral cancer focused on plasma processing are rare because writing conclusions and recommendations in research insufficient funding of university research programs in this field.

Speculation should be reasonable, firmly justified, and subject to test. Consider the following points to help ensure your conclusion is presented well: If the argument or purpose of your paper is complex, you may need to summarize the argument for your reader.

Importance of a Good Conclusion

What implications do these is creative writing a narrative have for the conclusions drawn from the results? Introducing possible new or expanded ways of thinking about the research problem.

Allow your enthusiasm for the topic to show in how you discuss it. Depending on the discipline you are writing in, the concluding paragraph may contain your reflections on the evidence presented, or on the essay's central research problem. Have the writers at Paper Masters custom write your thesis for you, including the conclusions and recommendations section.

If you encountered negative or unintended results [i.

Writing a Conclusion- CRLS Research Guide

Examiners will usually be very wary of essays, theses or dissertations that presume to solve all the world's problems in a simplistic and trivial way. But today no diagnostic techniques exist that can be used unambiguously to determine material properties related to device yield.

Don't undermine your authority by saying something like, "This is just one approach to examining this problem; there may be other, much better approaches that Avoid phrases like "in conclusion A conclusion is like the final chord in a song.

What are the long-term as well as the short-term implications of your findings? Every name writing conclusions and recommendations in research year in the body of the text should be repeated in the list of references with no exceptions.

Conclusions and recommendations - Research & Learning Online

Failure to comment on larger, more significant issues In the introduction, your task was to move from the general [the field of study] to the specific [the research problem]. The conclusion is not the place for details about your methodology or results. Foremost among these industries is the electronics industry, in which plasma-based processes are indispensable for the manufacture of very large-scale integrated VLSI microelectronic circuits or chips.

Remember not all assignments require discussion.

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Important though this is, however, you also need to be sure to sell your research in the conclusion - so it is best not to be too negative or over-modest about your achievements at this point. General Rules The function of your paper's conclusion is to restate the main argument.

Conclusions and Recommendations

How to Write a Conclusions and Recommendations Section This page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see here. University College Writing Centre.

There are also likely to be some key differences in your approach when writing conclusions. The state of the science that underpins plasma processing technology in the United States is outlined in Chapter 4. A plasma is a partially or fully ionized gas containing electrons, ions, and neutral atoms or molecules. More job opportunities for teens, especially those funded by state and local programs, would offer income for teens as well as productive work for the community.

Provide a synthesis of arguments presented in the paper to show how these converge to address the research problem and the overall objectives of your study Indicate opportunities for future thesis statement for oral cancer if you haven't already done so in the discussion section of your paper.

Section 1: Conclusions

Don't be shy. Be wary of this.

Due to the largely empirical nature of many aspects of plasma processing, proper training in the traditional scientific method, as provided in laboratory classes, is a necessary component of undergraduate education.

As a result, the United States will not be prepared to maintain its leading market position in plasma processing, let alone capture more market share as the plasma process industry grows into the 21st century.

Because plasma processing is an integral part of the infrastructure of so many American industries, it is important for both the economy and the national security that America maintain a strong leadership role in this technology. Failure to match the objectives of your research Often research objectives in the social sciences change while the research is being carried out.